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Designing Incredible Escape Room Experiences Since 2015


Get Ready to Escape the Ordinary

Step into a story and race against time to complete your objective and escape. Challenges that you might face include hidden objects, obstacles, riddles, cryptography, the countdown clock, and puzzles that engage multiple senses. If you have a keen eye, a sharp brain, and a good team you may have what it takes! Escape rooms are a great adventure for families, friend groups, corporate team building, sports teams, clubs, students, gamers, tourists, and more!

Our mission is to provide an immersive and memorable experience with your friends and teammates by bringing you into the story while making it as affordable as a night out eating dinner or going to the movies. We strive to use our technology, design skills, and attention to detail to create a one-of-a-kind, memorable adventure for you and your group!

5-Star Reviews for Conundrum Escape Rooms

conundrum room escape Colorado
Submersion = Mind-bending!

The 6 of us had a great and challenging time solving the new Submersion Escape Room. It was very detailed, and the puzzles very challenging! Our host was very welcoming and explained things well, answered questions, and gave hints as we needed them. Great mind-bending experience!

– cecilialec, TripAdvisor
conundrum room escape Colorado
Absolutely Incredible!

Absolutely incredible! Top notch designs and the immersion is some of the best I've seen! Huge plus to nonlinear puzzles and rooms without 50 locks. (Played the submarine one)

– Tyler T., Google
conundrum room escape Colorado
Awesome For All Ages

I've been to a few escape rooms, both for corporate and private events, and this one was top notch! The rooms were elaborately decorated, creating a realistic environment, the puzzles were well-done with varying difficulties, and the staff is fantastic - very helpful (without being too helpful) when stuck on solving a puzzle.

– lisarosetti, TripAdvisor
conundrum room escape Colorado
An Hour Of Awesome!!

My daughter, friends, and I visited for a fun night, and we loved it! The puzzles were intriguing, just hard enough, fun, and fit with the story and the room perfectly. The setting was clean and the person who met us was very helpful. Rather than watching a movie, come to Conundrum and put yourself in your own thrilling story!

– Wren K., TripAdvisor
Far Superior to Any Escape Room in Colorado!

The attention to detail on each of the escape rooms is far superior to any escape room place in Colorado! The owners are incredibly nice. I highly recommend this place and every room is amazing!! I am always excited to go to another room they have and the new ones that they open!!!

– Mike A., Google
My Favorite Escape Rooms!

Some of my favorite escape rooms have come from Conundrum. Their rooms are perfect for groups because they are non-linear and everyone can be working on something different at the same time! Try the Cabin in the Woods or Submerged - they were both amazing!

– Rebecca K., Google
Best of the Best

Best of the best. Love the escape room here. Done them all and no complaints. They know how to build a community. Always recommending and encouraging our group to experience other escape rooms, besides theirs. Truly great customer service.

– Dai-Long N, Google
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