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Lakewood Escape Rooms

2480 Kipling St

  • Lakewood
  • Most Popular Room
From $30 per Player

Lost in the woods after your campsite is washed away by a flash flood and running out of supplies, your group is on the edge of desperation. Fortunately you have found a cabin in the woods that may offer you shelter and a way to call for help, if you can all work together quickly and solve any other problems that come your way!

  • Lakewood
From $30 per Player

While filming an undercover documentary on a mysterious group led by a man who calls himself The Sorcerer, you and your film crew were found out and captured. With a little inside help, you have one hour to recover your stolen footage and escape before The Sorcerer returns!

  • Lakewood
  • Outdoor Game
From $18

You’ve stumbled upon a clue that leads you to believe there may be a secret organization operating in Denver.  Your information tells you that they’re currently recruiting new members at a hidden location, which is cleverly disguised as an escape room. Complete their challenges to join this elite organization!

Arvada Escape Rooms

6350 Wadsworth Blvd

  • Arvada
From $30 per Player

Walk in the shoes of Ebenezar Scrooge on Christmas Eve as he is visited by the Three Spirits of Christmas in this fantastic family friendly escape room based on Dicken’s classic story.  Conquer the challenges set forth by the spirits, and maybe you can find the true meaning of Christmas!

Photo Credits: Thomas Park, Alessio Zacharia, Annie Spratt and Roberto Nickson

  • Arvada
  • Best for Groups of 12-36+
  • Competitive Race to the Finish
From $25 per Player

The evil ShadowCorp has been hoarding relics from around the world. Your team has been tasked by your mysterious contact “X” to set right the wrong and steal one of these precious artifacts back so it can take its rightful place in a museum for all the world to see. Do you have what it takes to be the fastest?

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