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Conundrum Escape Rooms Lakewood

2480 Kipling Street - Lakewood, Colorado 80215

Choose From A Variety Of Immersive, Themed Rooms

Mystic Chamber = Lots of Fun Surprises!

Great experience! We do an escape room on vacation every year and this one was one of the best. We did the Mystic Chamber room with 5 people, which worked really well. Very interactive room with a lot of fun surprises and really friendly staff!

– Amanda D. - On Google Reviews
Cabin in the Woods = Amazing Family Fun!

My family challenged the Cabin in the Woods room, and it was amazingly fun! Unique and creative puzzles, along with a very fair hint system. Overall a great time!

– Jason F. - On Google Reviews
Favorite = Submersion - Great for Groups of 6 or More!

We have officially done all of the rooms at the Lakewood location and loved every second of them! Favorite is probably the Submersion one, but also got a kick out of the unique puzzles in Dead Man's Secret. They really make you think outside the conventional lock box and take special care to immerse you in the details of each room. The non linear puzzles really add to the group engagement if you have 6+

– Nick V. - On Google Reviews
Dead Man's Secret = Mechanical Marvel

I was excited to check out Conundrum's third escape room challenge: Dead Man's Secret. Our group entered a leather-paneled study and set about to earn the inheritance of mysterious industrialist by solving a series of puzzles. The loose narrative allowed the Conundrum designers do what they do best: present an array of objects and devices that reveal information in dramatically unexpected ways. Furniture transformed, machinery hummed, and portals opened leading our group to the secret hidden deep in the industrialist's mansion. Dead Man's Secret is advertised as Conundrum's hardest room, though I found the several of the puzzles have classic mechanisms and are accessible to escape room beginners. I recommend the room for a group of four.

– Todd M. - on TripAdvisor Reviews
Mystic Chamber = Great for a Party!

Six of us went for my son's 15th birthday. We did the Mystic chamber. Second time for most of us to do an escape room. We had so much fun and got out with about 11 spare! This was intermediate and I thought it was very challenging...but in a good way. Prices about $25 a person. Staff was very friendly. Take the right people with you and you are guaranteed great fun. I will go again to try out the others!

– Dolores W. - On Google Reviews
Wowza! Cabin in the Woods Is Really Great! But Tough for Teams of Two...

Wowza wow! My husband and I have done at least 30 escape rooms, all but 5 by ourselves. Being that we are pretty experienced and pretty decent at them, we thought, let's tackle the Cabin in the Woods. It's now officially our second loss, second only to our first room which was similar in complexity. Cabin in the Woods is really great, we saw fun new puzzles that we've not seen before. I highly suggest trying out a room here, but know if you only have two people you might take an L is this room.

– Heather E. - On YelpReviews
Submersion = Great Ambiance and Attention to Detail

I've done a few escape rooms and Conundrum easily has them all beat. Two things stand out about Conundrum when compared with others: 1. The ambiance in the rooms is well done. Rather than a simple "office" setting each room is incredibly detailed to match the game. They went the extra mile for sure 2. We did two rooms, and neither one was the basic "clue, key, lock, repeat" that you get with some other rooms. The Submersion room was as detailed as any room I've done, yet only had one lock to open. Highly recommended. We'll be back to do the other rooms for sure

– Brian G. - On Yelp Reviews