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  • Chevron down Option #1: Basic (Basically Awesome) Team Building - As low as $25/person
  • Looking to organize a fun hour after work or on the weekend for you and your team?
    Come see for yourselves why so many groups tell us that escape rooms were the best team-building event they’ve attended!

    Reserve your private rooms during Conundrum’s regular business hours and get ready to race against the clock to see if your team has what it takes to solve every challenge before time runs out!

    Private rooms mean that you get your chosen room completely to yourself, unlike many other escape rooms where anyone is allowed to join a room until it has reached full capacity. Although other groups may be on the premises at the same time as your team, only the players in your group will be allowed into your selected room for the full 60-minutes.

    We are able to host groups of up to 28 players at one time, divided into smaller teams of 2-8 players per room. Start times are staggered, so that if you reserve more than one room you may not all begin at exactly the same time but we will try to ensure that your whole group starts and finishes within 20 minutes of one another. Want to start at the same time? The Run of the House package might be the one for you!

    Standard rates listed on our booking page apply for basic team-building.
    Reserve your team-building online or by calling 720-441-3011!

  • Chevron down Option #2: Run of the House Team Building - $30/person
  • Want to organize a team-building during the work week that will have no interruptions from the general public?
    Check out our Run of the House team-building package!

    Your room reservation is still private (no strangers messing up your team bonding!), but in addition your group will have the entire Conundrum facility to yourselves, including access to both our lobbies before and after your game. You get to divide your group into teams of 2-8 people (although we recommend 4-6 players as the ideal team size), and each team will play one 60-minute scenario, with all teams starting at the same time.

    The Run of the House team-building option is bookable for groups of 4 to 28 players and may booked at your choice of any available times on Mondays-Fridays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm (excluding holidays).

    The price for the Run-of-the-House option is $30/person.
    Must call 720-441-3011 to book this package.

  • Chevron down Option #3: Run of the House 2.0 - Competition and Coffee! - $55/person
  • Does your group thrive on competition? Want to see who really is the best problem-solver and team player?
    Make your team building even more memorable with our Run of the House 2.0 package!

    In addition to reserving the entire Conundrum facility (same as the standard Run of the House package), Version 2.0 allows your group to divide up into separate teams that compete head-to-head and see who really is the best at communicating, collaborating, and creative thinking. Each team of 3-8 people (again, we think 4-6 players is the ideal) gets to play TWO of our rooms back to back (with a coffee break in between before swapping rooms with the competition!) to prove once and for all which team is the smartest, fastest and most resourceful!

    The Run of the House 2.0 team-building package is bookable for groups of 6 to 28 players and may be booked at your choice of any available times on Mondays-Fridays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm (excluding holidays).

    The price for the Run of the House 2.0 option is $55/person (coffee included).
    Must call 720-441-3011 to book this package.


When it comes to getting your people moving in the same direction, it can sometimes feel like you’re herding cats. That’s where it helps to have some team building activities that actually help.

Far too often, people turn to various activities for team building that only serve to further alienate the staff- from each other as well as management. That’s where escape games can help. In fact, some of our players tell us we have the best team building activities in Denver!


The concept is simple. You and your group will be escorted to a room with a specific theme. We won’t have to explain the theme- it’ll be clear! (Like a good joke, if you have to explain it, it doesn’t work!). The game master will explain the rules and instructions you need, but the rest is up to you. You’ll have exactly 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and find all the clues you need to escape the room. Think you’re up for the challenge?

So, how hard are our escape games? That’s entirely up to you and your group. If you’re a lone wolf, expect to fail, but if you effectively work with the group, you’ve got a decent shot.


Look, if you put your team in a kitchen and give them the task of baking a cake, they will, in fact, have a team bonding experience, but will these lessons transfer into the workplace? Eh, maybe.

We definitely know that splitting up the accounting department and the sales department into two teams and letting them get into bubble balls and bash each other around a soccer field would be fun to watch, but would it be effective to bring the two teams together? Um…no.

Laser tag is incredible fun (for some), but this is more along the lines of team bonding (or team splitting depending upon which team you’re on!). The problem is that there are tons of ideas out there about how to bond together. Escape rooms offers both- team building and team bonding.

When your team goes into an escape room, they have to work together on little tasks in order to move along the line toward the big goal- escaping the room. During the hour, everyone can contribute, and the highs and lows of the experience brings people together.


When it comes to getting people together, there are studies out there (somewhere) that indicate the most important factors in team building activities are time and the stress of a shared experience. Our escape games give you both of these things in a safe, fun environment. No one gets hurt. No broken bones. It’s all of the challenges without any of the risk management headaches.

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