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Live or Virtual Team Building!

Choose below for more info!

Which option is best for my team?

We want an event we can do during work hours.

You should choose the Run of the House or Back 2 Back option. Either one allows you to pick any start time that works for your schedule, Monday through Friday, as early as 9am or as late as 4pm.

My group is super competitive.

Consider the Back to Back option. This is the best way for teams to compete head to head in the same two rooms for all the bragging rights. Plus you get a refreshment break in between rooms to strategize!

We have more than 28 people.

28 people is the most we can accommodate at one time per location for escape rooms.  We can accomodatge 36+ players in The Heist. However, larger groups can be split either by morning/afternoon, between the two locations or even on different days. For example, if you have 50 people, why not have 25 start their escape rooms at 9 am, and the rest at 11 am?

My team might need some help... We don’t always work so well together.

You might want to consider adding the surveys and debrief to your package. The survey may help reveal what strengths your team has when it comes to problem solving, as well as potential weaknesses. The debrief re-enforces how your teams did well by shoring up those weaknesses and did poorly by not taking advantage of the diversity of skills. Adding this element can make your experience even more valuable for your team.

We aren’t sure if we want team building or just some team bonding.

Great news! Escape rooms offer both team building and team bonding. When your team goes into an escape room, they have to work together toward one big goal. During the hour, everyone can contribute, and the highs and lows of the experience really bring people together.

We want more than just a boring team building, but we also want to make sure everyone is comfortable

Trust us – no one will be bored. When it comes to getting people together, the most important factor in team building activities is the challenges of a shared experience. Our escape games give you this in a safe, fun environment. It’s all of the challenges without any of the risk management headaches.

My budget won’t allow for the bigger packages - is the Basic Team Building worth it?

Yes! Any of our escape rooms provide a great opportunity for people to work together to solve challenges and try new experiences. And for many groups an after-work or weekend event is ideal. It just means that you need to choose from our scheduled start times, which run as late as 9 pm on weekdays, as early as 10 am on the weekend.

If you’ve read this far, maybe you still have some concerns.

The best way to understand escape rooms is to dive in. Why not have a few members of your management team (or people who wouldn’t be participating) book and pay for a normal escape room experience. You’ll see first-hand how teamwork pays off. Then if you decide to bring your larger team, we’ll discount the cost of your preview. You must call to take advantage of this offer. Limits and minimums apply.

Work in multiple locations, or have a giant group?

Consider our Virtual Puzzler Parties – We can accomodate nearly any number of teams, from practically anywhere in the world. These events are live hosted over Zoom, and can be scheduled nearly any day or time with enough notice.

We'd Love To Host You!


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