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Competitive Puzzler Party

There can only be one Puzzle Master.

Quick Details

What is a Puzzler Party?

  • Puzzler Parties (aka Virtual Puzzle Competitions) are a fun, mentally challenging way to hang out with friends and strangers safely in the time of COVID. It’s sort of like pub-trivia nights, but without the pubs or the trivia 🙂 Instead your team will race against your competitors to solve a series of timed mental puzzles & brainteasers, divided into three progressively more difficult rounds
  • Puzzler Parties, public and private, are played virtually via Zoom. You will receive a Zoom invitation link prior to the start time of your game night. When you get your invite, you can share it with any teammates who will be playing at a separate location from yourself.
  • Puzzler Parties are 90 minutes from start to finish. Don’t be late!
  • Each month we will host a new puzzler party, featuring a different set of puzzles. We will also offer special holiday themed puzzle sets with completely unique puzzles.
  • The competitive puzzler parties include the same puzzles as the private parties, PLUS an additional extra challenging round for puzzle enthusiasts.

Price = $25 per team 

  • Recommended team size = 2-4
  • You do not need to live in same household as your teammates; you will be able to connect together via Zoom breakout rooms
Price Per Team 2-4 Players