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  • Arvada

Experiment C73

Best for teams of 4-6. Requires lots of teamwork!

Quick Details

Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Recommended Players: 4-6
Note: At least one player will need to crouch/crawl.
Important: This room is in our new second location near 64th and Wadsworth in Arvada!

Private Room for 2 Players
Private Room for 3 Players
Private Room for 4 Players
Private Room for 5 Players
Private Room for 6 Players
Private Room for 7 Players
Private Room for 8 Players

Pass the Experiment and Escape with your Sanity

Introducing the first Conundrum escape room at our Arvada location! This one is a real mind bender, with intense clues that challenge your very sanity.

The year is 1973. You and your friends have volunteered for a psychology experiment on teamwork under pressure, but right from the start things get very strange. You must prove your sanity and stick together to make it out.

Can you keep it together and escape in time?? Book now!

The first challenge is easy: This room is in our new second facility near 64th and Wadsworth in Arvada, just north of Olde Town Arvada!

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