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  • Arvada

Scrooge: The Search For Holiday Spirit

A family friendly holiday extravaganza!

Quick Details

Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty Level: Medium
Recommended Players: 4-6
Note: There are flashing lights and some sound effects in this room.
Important: This room is in our Arvada location near 64th and Wadsworth!

Got Questions?
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Private Room for 2 Players Per Person
Private Room for 3 Players Per Person
Private Room for 4-8 Players Per Person
More Than 8? We allow groups up to 10 but it's not recommended. See FAQ page for details!

No Humbugs Allowed!

Welcome to the 18th Century, London, England.

Night has fallen over London on Christmas Eve, Ebenezar has just arrived home after making sure his assistant, Bob Cratchit, puts in his extra hours to make up for taking off Christmas Day.  Scrooge lays back in bed, thinking happily on all the years money he’s scrimped and saved in the strongbox at the office.  He drifts off to sleep, and wakes up in that very same office, but how did he get here, and is this just a dream?  It all seems so real…