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Cabin in the Woods

Best for Large Groups of 5-8!

Quick Details

Location: 2480 Kipling Street, Lakewood, CO

Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended Players: 5-8
Wheelchair:  Accessible, one step to get to the room.  Please call ahead of your booking so we can place ramps and remove one piece of furniture to make the game more comfortable for your group
Warnings/Restrictions: This game features some flashing lights and indirect strobe lights.





Note: More than 10 people in your party? Call for options!

Got Questions?
Check out our FAQ


Private Room for 3 Players Per Person
Private Room for 4-8 Players Per Person
More Than 8? We allow groups up to 10 but it's not recommended. See FAQ page for details!

Escape From the Cabin in the Woods

Come check out the escape room that first earned us a reputation as one of the best escape rooms in the Denver area!

Cabin in the Woods has long been one of our most popular rooms because it is guaranteed to keep everyone in your group busy and engaged for the entire experience. This one is hard enough even for the most experienced escapers, yet possible for even first time groups to complete if they really work together.

Upon entering the room, you find yourselves in the following scenario: Lost in the woods and running low on supplies, your hiking group stumbles upon a remote cabin. Gather provisions and find a way to return to civilization before you’re trapped by an approaching storm – it’s supposed to be a big one!

Can you survive the storm? Try Cabin in the Woods and find out!