Cabin in the Woods

Most Popular Room - Best for Large Groups of 6-8!

Quick Details

Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Success Percentage: 30%
Recommended Players: 4-6
Note: More than 8 people in your party? Call to book!

Escape From the Cabin in the Woods

Are you looking for the most challenging escape rooms in Denver? Look no further! Cabin in the Woods provides a fun, memorable experience for the real problem solvers out there. Bring a small group of your friends and give it a go.

Upon entering the room, you find yourselves in the following scenario: Lost in the woods and running low on supplies, your hiking group stumbles upon a remote cabin. Gather provisions and find a way to return to civilization before you’re trapped by an approaching storm – it’s supposed to be a big one!

Can you survive? Try this room and find out!