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Billy Bonka and the Burst Bubble

Best for 4-6 players

Quick Details

Location: 2480 Kipling Street, Lakewood, CO

Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended Players: 4-6
Wheelchair:  Accessible, but limit group size to 4
Warnings/Restrictions: This game features color in several challenges and some lighting/fog effects.

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Note: More than 7 people in your party? Call for options!

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Private Room for 2 Player Per Person
Private Room for 3 Players Per Person
Private Room for 4-7 Players Per Person
More Than 7? Call Us!

Billy Bonka – Chocolatier

You look up from unwrapping your favorite chocolate bar as the TV blares:

“News flash! Billy Bonka – successful Chocolatier, Inventor, and Innovator, has gone missing!

Troubled, you turn your attention back to your treat, and gasp as you pull back the foil to reveal a Golden Ticket…this can’t be a coincidence…

Bonka’s success has made him a target for less innovative competitors, and it comes to a head in this new game from Conundrum Escape Rooms, when the candy maker disappears under mysterious circumstances.

Your team, having found one of Bonka’s shiny invitations in your latest chocolate bar, arrive at the factory, but you’re not quite sure what to expect.

Experience Bonka’s factory as you race to uncover the truth about what has happened to Bonka, and, if possible, save the day…and the chocolate!