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  • Lakewood
  • Small Groups
  • First Timers

Mystic Chamber

Best for first-timers or smaller groups of 2-4!

Quick Details

Location: 2480 Kipling Street, Lakewood, CO

Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended Players: 3-6
Wheelchair:  Accessible, but limit group size to 4
Warnings/Restrictions: One player will need to be able to crouch/lay down.  This room also features occasional flashing lights and semi-darkness

shape, rectangle




(Don’t worry, it’s not THAT easy)

Note: More than 7 people in your party? Call for options!

Got Questions?
Check out our FAQ

Private Room for 2 Players Per Person
Private Room for 3 Players Per Person
Private Room for 4-6 Players Per Person
More Than 6? We allow groups up to 7 but it's not recommended. See FAQ page for details!

Reveal the Confiscated Footage

New to escape rooms? Don’t worry! Visit Conundrum Escape Rooms and give Mystic Chamber a try! Whether your group is comprised of first-timers or seasoned escape pros, the level of detail, room design, and clever clues are sure to thrill everyone in your party.

The Mystic Chamber scenario is full of mystery! While creating an undercover documentary on a mysterious cult, you and your film crew were discovered and captured. With a little inside help, you have a chance to recover your confiscated footage and break free. You must escape and tell your story to the world!

Can you escape? Book now and find out!