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  • Arvada
  • Groups of 12-36+
  • Competitive Race to the Finish

The Heist

Special Events or Private Large Group (12+) Bookings Only - By Appointment

Quick Details

Location: 6350 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO, 80003 OR  We can bring it to you*

Duration: 120 minutes
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Recommended Players: 4-6 players per team, from 3-6 teams

3 Team (12 players) minimum required to play

Note: This event is booked by appointment or special events only.  Don’t see availability? Call to book!

Do you have a big group?
We offer large group discounts!
Team of 2 Per Team
Team of 3 Per Team
Team of 4 Per Team
Team of 5 Per Team
Team of 6 Per Team
Multiple Teams or Big Group? See FAQ page for more details!

The Heist is a unique concept, it’s a competitive format where teams race against one another to the finish line. The fastest team is the winner, but every team must finish within the time allowed for the Heist to be successful.

The evil ShadowCorp has been hoarding relics from around the world. Your team has been tasked by your mysterious contact “X” to set right the wrong and steal one of these precious artifacts back so it can take its rightful place in a museum for all the world to see. Do you have what it takes to be the fastest?

Each team is given a briefcase containing information they must use to plan and execute their own unique Heist. Each briefcase contains an equal level of difficulty, so all players are faced with the same type and difficulty of challenges, but each team will arrive at their own unique solutions.

The Heist is also portable!! We’ve built this game to be able to take it to your venue and setup within a variety of spaces*. Want us to come to your office? Give us a call!

*For an additional charge